Journaling Daily with Microsoft Office

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One of Microsoft Office’s features, Microsoft Outlook, has a feature which simply works like a tracker to keep yourself posted of the activities you are doing within a day. This feature is called Journal. Some may not find this option in Microsoft Outlook 2010’s ribbon.

For those who are using the classic menu, it would be easy to use the ribbon of Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 since switching between classic style and ribbon would be easy. First, open Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013. Second, go to the Menus tab. Click on Go and you will find Journal at the bottom of the menu. If you want to do it faster, you may opt for the keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl+8.

For first timers to open Journal, it would not open immediately so a dialog box would open asking if you want to use the Journal to track your documents and e-mails associated with your contacts. Just click Yes on this dialog box.

Journal options would then open. From this dialog box, modify or set up your Journal’s settings by selecting which activities you want to be kept tracked. This includes tasks, appointments, and other Office applications as well.

For users not using the Classic Menu, there wouldn’t be the Journal feature in the ribbon and you may not find it on any tab. To set this up, you could take different steps. First, click on the File tab then click on Options. You will then be transferred to the Outlook Options window. Go over the Customize Ribbon pane, and from the Choose Commands pull-down, choose Commands Not in the Ribbon option. Scroll down on the list, and you will find Journal. Add it by clicking the Add button. It will then be added to the tab you would choose.

Journal indeed helps a lot for people who want to record their actions in relation to certain contacts they have. What’s better is that these activities are being logged in a timeline view. Track items easier such as meetings and e-mails. Track Microsoft Office files as well such as Excel and Word documents.
Journal does for you what you could not remember for yourself. It has the power to track your activities not just within your computer but also outside such as phone conversations or paper letters you have received or mailed.

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