Honing Writing Skills with Miitomo Q&A

Miitomo was supposed to be a fun little mobile app. When Nintedo released this avatar driven mobile app as their first entrance into the mobile app world, I jumped at the chance. There would be mini-games they said. Fun will be had, they said. But what really drives Miitomo, I found out, was the Questions and Answers platform they’ve created. It is what drives Miitomo and all the writings I did while answering and posting questions kept my writing skills sharp.

The unexpected side effect of Miitomo was that some players took it as an opportunity to express creativity when it comes to coming up with questions. You see, unlike the serious Q&A sites like Quora or dismal Q&A site Yahoo, Miitomo is a unique platform that deserves a mention of its own.

Posting and answering questions is how you can earn the coins in Miitomo. The coins are what drives the economy of this app and with it, you can customize your avatar with new clothes and customs. Getting unlimited coins is what drives people to try out Miitomo coins hack tool. Without coins, you are pretty much a fish out of the water! It’s important to amass as many coins as possible to fully enjoy the experience.

Anyways, back to the questions and answers. I swear, the Miitomo players are one of the funniest and the most creative when it comes to coming up with open-ended questions that made my coffee shoot out of my nostrils. It’s tough to take such a cutesy little app seriously so players use this Q&A as a mini-game of their own.

The easiest way to get the high votes for your answers in Miitomo is to be funny! Sure, writing and composing useful and helpful answers is always going to net you some cool number of coins. However, to make your answers explode with votes and coins, you have to come up with an ankle that is funny. Miitomo players love humor and practicing a little comedy writing can get you all the coins you ever wanted.

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