Get Your Power Study on With The Library in The Sims Freeplay

I always find it humorous when video games implement features related to literature and books in general. The Sims Freeplay is a game I’ve been killing time on for the past few months on my Apple iPad and one building caught my eyes immediately: The Library. This educational building was also a thing in desktop versions of the games. So what is the library good for and why should you get it? If you are an avid Sims Freeplay player, then I will break down everything you need to know about it.

First of all, the library is a shared building for your entire town. This means everyone in your community can access and use it to their advantage. Akin to famed Alexandria, this coveted building promises all the knowledge in the world, in the form of books. You see, in the game of Sims Freeplay, the library contains all the books in the world. They also have a tendency to be popular amongst the intellectuals in the game’s community and it’s a good place to meet a friend or a potential mate if you are seeking to have children with high IQ.

One of the top reasons to use the library in The Sims Freeplay is to boost your writing skills. As in real life, to write better, you must simply write more. This is reflected precisely in this life-simulating game. The only other way I could find was using something like The Sims Freeplay cheats for unlimited money that boost your key resources to make the game easier. However, I decided against using such hacking tool due to uncertainties of its nature.

If you are a novelist in the game, then you will be spending a lot of time in this building as I did. I wrote and submitted several novels in the game and once donated to the town hall, they are inserted into the library’s inventory. How neat is that! If you are a novelist or a writer with a dream of writing and publishing your own book, then this virtual achievement will give you a limited sense of what it feels like to attain that feat.

Another benefit of having and using the library is that it immediately gives your Sims in it a mood effect called ‘Power Study’. If you are studying, writing or reading, then this powerful temporary upgrade will enable your sims to be more productive, leading to increased skill levels.

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