Best Mobile Apps That Helps Your Grammar

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Since the advent of Smartphones, the ownership of these things today is on the rise as well as their typical feature set. More importantly, the use of smart phones has helped to eliminate the conventional learning obstacles that frustrate any progress efforts in the world today. For instance, nowadays applications have become brilliant platforms upon which people can learn to hone and fine-tune their grammar skills and writing skills. In fact, a good grammar application should embody the following values

  • Simple to use
  • Error and bug-free
  • Should be convenient and engaging

Top mobile apps for Improving Your Grammar Skills


This language and grammar learning app entails more than 3,000 expressions and words and also covers a broad range of topics based on exclusive vocabulary aspects as well engaging tests. More so, the app includes varying users levels, and some include novice to advance. This Busuu app is available on various handheld operating system platforms including, Android and iPhone.

SpeakingPal English Tutor

Discover the brilliance of this exceptionally entertaining app, that comes with a host of features including mini-lessons that can be as long as 5 minutes, so prospective learners have no excuses when it comes to optimizing their leisure time. What’s more remarkable is that the app can interact with students through customizable speech software that can recreate a real video call. This splendid app for improving your grammar is available for download on Android and iPhones for free.


This top-notch grammar app is immensely popular, especially amongst the Spanish Speaking generation. This Voxy app also comes with feature stories and news on a multitude of topics and also provides games for English language speaking practice, in addition to tentative quizzes and comprehension tests. Voxy grammar app is available for free on Android and iPhone platforms.

My WordBook

This wordbook was developed by the Press at Cambridge University in togetherness with the concerted efforts of the British Council. The app provides a pristine and engaging way to learn new sets of expressions and words through sets of engaging as well as interactive flashcards. Moreover, vocabulary packs can be downloaded from Cambridge dictionaries, and the app is available for free download on Android and iPhone.

Conversation English

This app comes with 20 lessons, each with a particular video dialogue. The brilliant app, gives learners a superior option to evaluate a conversation and then answer a host of questions as well as completing a variety of different exercises. This brilliant Conversation English App is the ultimate solution for those who want to place more emphasis on more conversational English. The app is available for download on Android as well as iPhones.


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Overall, mobile applications have immensely revolutionized how we learn and interact in the world today. App developers further shake things by making these apps simple to use as well as versatile enough to be used on myriad forms of hand-held devices.

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