Amazon Promotions for Kindle

If you are a publisher for Kindle Direct Publishing, you might want to consider offering a promotion for your book. Allow your book to be read for free for a number of days you could set. You may choose which days you want the promotion to start or to end. It may be one day at a time or for consecutive days depending on what you want.

When you open your book for promotion, it may be included in Top 100 Free category. Later on, when the promotion period is over, it would re-enter the Top 100 Paid category. The sales rank of your book could actually go high since offering it for free makes it more accessible and visible. Most of the time, the rankings are updated hourly so you and your viewers are certain that Amazon’s data is really reliable.

At the time when your book is free, it will drop in sales rank in the paid list, but your previous paid rank will affect your new rank when your book re-enters the paid categories.

Scheduling free promotions is easy. First, from KDP Bookshelf, click on Promote and Advertise next to your book. In Create a New Promotion drop-down, choose Free Book Promotion. Next, click on

Create a new Free Book Promotion Deal for this book. Lastly, enter start and end date you want and click Save. This may take minutes to hours of processing before the effect could be fully seen.

Currently, Amazon is not yet able to schedule free Amazon gift card offers for future enrollment periods.

So what better way to promote your work than to sign it up for KDP promotion, right? It’s really easy to do. You may not receive any royalties for sales during free promotions but if you come to think of it, the publicity is worth it. Who knows, by word of mouth and social media, your book is the next big thing in the literary world.