7 Apps That Will Improve Your Writing Skills


Writing is a difficult conquest to take on, and all of us could use some help becoming a more clear and consistent producer of prose. Luckily, app developers for IOS and Android platforms have been working to brainstorm ways to make effective writers of us all. These applications won’t only help you with the little nuts and bolts that hold a sentence together, they’ll also help you with the process of writing, fighting writer’s block, and making critical choices about diction and phrasing in sentences. We’ve compiled six apps that are bound to enhance tour experience and productivity as a writer.

evernote1. Evernote – Keep Track of Your Thoughts, Assignments, and Notes

Evernote is useful for keeping track of your progress on a project, and keeping the information easily available for review from start to finish. Modern writers tend to use multiple tools to finish projects and organize their thoughts. With Evernote you can sync valuable information between different devices to remind yourself of deadlines and keep crucial information about your project readily available. For instance, maybe you left your laptop at home and have suddenly had a bout of inspiration on your morning jog, pause your music and jot it down in Evernote to return to the thought later. Evernote is a popular way to keep the ball rolling forward by cataloging thoughts, information and deadlines in one space.

2. Brainstormer – Beat Writer’s Block

This app isn’t going to give you the idea for your next novel, but momentum can build from a prompt. Brainstormer gives you writing prompts to get your brain warmed up for bigger projects. Practice makes perfect, and even if nothing submittal comes from Brainstormer, it will provide you with practice in prompts and exercise your creativity when you’re not feeling any inspiration. The best way to become an effective writer is to write always, even when you’re idea for a story or essay doesn’t seem poignant.

pomodoro-timer3. Pomodoro Timer – Keep Track of Tasks to Stay Punctual and Organized

Pomodoro keeps you on track when you’re putting off writing or tempted every five minutes by the never ending youtube videos at your disposal. This app is a reward system, giving you a break for a period of productivity. Each time you’ve produced for a certain amount of time it gives you a longer break. As much as I love writing, I also dread it. Pomodoro helps keep my brain from getting in the way by following its produce-for-reward system.

4. Wordbook – Be On Top of Your Diction and Word Choice

Wordbook combines a writer’s two best friends into one app: the theories and dictionary. Not only does it give you synonyms, antonyms and meanings, but it’s also useful for consulting on proper usage. It also has the pronunciation of the word recorded to give you an even clearer idea of its use and meaning.

5. Hemingway – Take Criticism to Make Your Writing Flow

Ernest Hemingway was known for his terse, straightforward prose style. He was also a strict critic of other writers. There’s no wonder why there’s an app named after him that’s dedicated to pointing out your week points as a writer. The Hemingway app will highlight sections of your sentence that make your message unclear and your writing ineffective.

6. Lists For Writers – Get Your Storytelling Basics Down

When writing stories, it’s easy to feel like your leaving on vacation. Surely you’ve forgotten something, and halfway through the story you’ll realize what it is an have to start from scratch or do some serious editing. Lists for writers helps you to remember the compelling tropes in stories every writer should be aware of in their plot, setting, and character building. It also asks you complex questions to spur on greater depth and promote conscious decision making about your work.

7. Writing Applications Will Help Your Craft and Creative Process

Writing is a tough gig, but the challenges a writer overcomes in his/her craft can be very fulfilling. These six apps are perfect tools for honing in on the right writing process for you. They can keep you accountable, on task, organized, and even teach you a thing or two about sentence structure and proper usage. Anyone who’s looking to step up their game on the blank page should consider these apps as allies and useful tools to produce with.

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