A Closer Look At Avakin Life Tips

What is Avakin Life ? This is an environment of players that is 3D and normally involves simulation. It provides a platform for those players who want to have some fun by engaging in social interactions with other people.

This article clearly tries to give you some of the Avakin Life Tips that will generally assist you in the game.

General Knowledge On The Game

There are various requirements and important information you need to know before you engage in this game.

  • All players must be atleast 17 years old. This is because it may contain themes that should be viewed by adults.
  • You have to create a character at the beginning of the game. This character will basically act as a representative in the gaming world.
  • You can customize your character by buying them clothes from a store or by changing some features of their faces.

Avakin Life Tips for Getting More Money Fast

Below are some tips to help you succeed in the game and make your work easier without having to resort to cheating tools like Avakin Life hack.

  • You can move in the game by generally tapping anywhere on the ground.
  • If you want to engage with others, you can tap specific areas like the swimming pool, seats and also the names of various people.
  • If you get to know some different people who you want to interact with them again, add them to your friends list so that you can easily chat with them again. Friends also have the ability to invite you in any social places or even their apartments.
  • The most important tip to always remember is that Avakin Life is a game where you’re able to get more experience when you interact with other people. This is mainly because of the leveling feature. You’re also able to get more avalcoins when you level up.
  • Gems and avacoins are very important aspects in this game. You get some free gems and avacoins at the beginning of the game and you should try to use them wisely or a little at a time to ensure that you don’t run out.
  • It is very important for you to try and visit social spots in the game. This is because they have floating gifts that are free and available for you to gather for a period of approximately 24 hours.
  • You should also know that you can get access to many features in the game without purchasing anything. This can be done by partying with friends , making friends and visiting various places in the game. Basically , try to have some fun and make as many friends as possible in the game.

If you follow these simple tips, you will realize that the game will become quite easy for you and making friends will actually become more simpler.

Honing Writing Skills with Miitomo Q&A

Miitomo was supposed to be a fun little mobile app. When Nintedo released this avatar driven mobile app as their first entrance into the mobile app world, I jumped at the chance. There would be mini-games they said. Fun will be had, they said. But what really drives Miitomo, I found out, was the Questions and Answers platform they’ve created. It is what drives Miitomo and all the writings I did while answering and posting questions kept my writing skills sharp.

The unexpected side effect of Miitomo was that some players took it as an opportunity to express creativity when it comes to coming up with questions. You see, unlike the serious Q&A sites like Quora or dismal Q&A site Yahoo, Miitomo is a unique platform that deserves a mention of its own.

Posting and answering questions is how you can earn the coins in Miitomo. The coins are what drives the economy of this app and with it, you can customize your avatar with new clothes and customs. Getting unlimited coins is what drives people to try out Miitomo coins hack tool. Without coins, you are pretty much a fish out of the water! It’s important to amass as many coins as possible to fully enjoy the experience.

Anyways, back to the questions and answers. I swear, the Miitomo players are one of the funniest and the most creative when it comes to coming up with open-ended questions that made my coffee shoot out of my nostrils. It’s tough to take such a cutesy little app seriously so players use this Q&A as a mini-game of their own.

The easiest way to get the high votes for your answers in Miitomo is to be funny! Sure, writing and composing useful and helpful answers is always going to net you some cool number of coins. However, to make your answers explode with votes and coins, you have to come up with an ankle that is funny. Miitomo players love humor and practicing a little comedy writing can get you all the coins you ever wanted.

Get Your Power Study on With The Library in The Sims Freeplay

I always find it humorous when video games implement features related to literature and books in general. The Sims Freeplay is a game I’ve been killing time on for the past few months on my Apple iPad and one building caught my eyes immediately: The Library. This educational building was also a thing in desktop versions of the games. So what is the library good for and why should you get it? If you are an avid Sims Freeplay player, then I will break down everything you need to know about it.

First of all, the library is a shared building for your entire town. This means everyone in your community can access and use it to their advantage. Akin to famed Alexandria, this coveted building promises all the knowledge in the world, in the form of books. You see, in the game of Sims Freeplay, the library contains all the books in the world. They also have a tendency to be popular amongst the intellectuals in the game’s community and it’s a good place to meet a friend or a potential mate if you are seeking to have children with high IQ.

One of the top reasons to use the library in The Sims Freeplay is to boost your writing skills. As in real life, to write better, you must simply write more. This is reflected precisely in this life-simulating game. The only other way I could find was using something like The Sims Freeplay cheats for unlimited money that boost your key resources to make the game easier. However, I decided against using such hacking tool due to uncertainties of its nature.

If you are a novelist in the game, then you will be spending a lot of time in this building as I did. I wrote and submitted several novels in the game and once donated to the town hall, they are inserted into the library’s inventory. How neat is that! If you are a novelist or a writer with a dream of writing and publishing your own book, then this virtual achievement will give you a limited sense of what it feels like to attain that feat.

Another benefit of having and using the library is that it immediately gives your Sims in it a mood effect called ‘Power Study’. If you are studying, writing or reading, then this powerful temporary upgrade will enable your sims to be more productive, leading to increased skill levels.

Best Mobile Apps That Helps Your Grammar

funny cartoon grammar

Since the advent of Smartphones, the ownership of these things today is on the rise as well as their typical feature set. More importantly, the use of smart phones has helped to eliminate the conventional learning obstacles that frustrate any progress efforts in the world today. For instance, nowadays applications have become brilliant platforms upon which people can learn to hone and fine-tune their grammar skills and writing skills. In fact, a good grammar application should embody the following values

  • Simple to use
  • Error and bug-free
  • Should be convenient and engaging

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7 Apps That Will Improve Your Writing Skills


Writing is a difficult conquest to take on, and all of us could use some help becoming a more clear and consistent producer of prose. Luckily, app developers for IOS and Android platforms have been working to brainstorm ways to make effective writers of us all. These applications won’t only help you with the little nuts and bolts that hold a sentence together, they’ll also help you with the process of writing, fighting writer’s block, and making critical choices about diction and phrasing in sentences. We’ve compiled six apps that are bound to enhance tour experience and productivity as a writer. Continue reading

Amazon Promotions for Kindle

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8 German Classics or Novels You Must Read

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The Works of a Literary Giant, Sigfried Lenz

German writer Siegfried Lenz died just last week. He was considered as one of the literary giants in the post-war Germany. Lenz have written a total of 14 novels and 120 short stories. His work has been read by about 25 million readers from around the world since they were translated in more than 20 languages.

As a tribute to Lenz, let us look at his life and work.

siegfriedLenz’ creative genius probably came from his experience since he was drafted to become part of the Navy of Germany when he was 17. It was his stint with the Navy that opened his eyes to the harrowing battles that happened in Baltic Sea. He also went into hiding and was briefly taken as a prisoner by the British forces. Lenz, after leaving prison went to Hamburg, where he survived by taking part in the Black Market and by donating blood. Continue reading